GAME Plan: Finding the right motivation.


Hey, Dragons! Have you ever gotten excited about something to the point that you are willing to make major life changes to incorporate it into your life? That’s what happened to me this past week. I’ve never been into cosplay. I thought it might be fun, but as an eternal …

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August Movie Preview / Summer Movie Roundup


Sad news, Dragons. The summer movie season is drawing to a close. August gives us our last potential blockbuster until we get Doctor Strange, which is in November. Suicide Squad – August 5th The latest installment from the DC universe is an ensemble film that you’ve probably been hearing about for …

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Starter Kit: The Killing Joke – Comics to Animated Feature Film


  There is a very limited, two day only theatrical release of the comic book turned animated feature.  Dragons, you will not want to miss this and it’s happening TODAY! Comic Book Story Originally published in 1988, The Killing Joke is Alan Moore’s defining moment telling the epitome of a …

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