What Movie is That? My Best Friend is a Vampire (1988)


Welcome to this week’s installment of What Movie is That? Sometimes I debate which movie I want to include and believe the list is long indeed. Movies are like air, I need them to survive. But before I get up on my soap box, let me tell you all about this weeks movie.

I decided to go with another obscure vampire movie from the 1980’s. To be honest, they really are some of my favorite, even though technically I was 2 years old when this one came out.

My Best Friend is a Vampire was released in May of 1988. This film was directed by Jimmy Huston and screenplay by Tab Murphy. My Best Friend is a Vampire starred Robert Sean Leonard (House MD), Cheryl Pollak, David Warner, Cecilia Peck, and Evan Mirand.

I usually post the trailer, but of all the movies to not have an easily available trailer this seems to be the one. However, the opening scene above is quite interesting.


Basically, My Best Friend is a Vampire is about a teenager’s (Evan Mirand) best friend, Jeremy (Robert Sean Leonard) who delivers groceries to a mansion where he get’s bitten by a vampire mistress. From that moment forward, Jeremy slowly begins to transform into a vampire with powers, a lust for blood, and just wanting to live a normal life.

Look how adorable Robert Sean Leonard is! I mean I always thought he was adorable was Dr. Wilson in House MD, but OHMYGOSH is he cute.

My Thoughts on the Film

I’m sure everyone can already guess, I love this movie very much. It is funny and adorable and very 80’s chic. I love the way the plot of the film unfolds and how Jeremy embraces his vampirism and his so-called “unconventional” romantic interests.

I always found it interesting films in the 80’s made such a huge deal about the attractive semi-popular or popular guy liking the nerd/band geek/unpopular girl. We all saw this with basically every John Hughes movie: Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and The Breakfast Club to name a few. Jake Ryan falling for an underclassman (Sixteen Candles). Popular, rich guy falling for poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks (Pretty in Pink). Oh and a little bit of switch, popular girl falling for the bad boy (The Breakfast Club). Are we seeing a pattern here with these 80’s movies???

I’m not saying this is a horrible thing. Is it a stereotype? Yes. Has it been done a million times? Yes. Do I still enjoy movies that fall into this trap of plot device? ABSOLUTELY! I’m a sucker for movies like these, especially this week’s movie pick. I love every moment as I said before.

Despite my semi-negative thoughts on plot devices, I do hope that you take the time to watch this one. If you like 80’s movies and Teen Horror/Comedies, then this is the movie for you.

This movie can be streamed for the low, low price of $1.99 on YouTube, Amazon Video (might be included with Prime), and Google Play. I might have also stumbled across a few you YouTube videos that were 89 minutes long. Maybe, maybe not.

Let me know your thought’s in the comments below. I truly hope people are enjoying this.

Until next time, enjoy the garlic pizza!


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