What Movie is That? Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)


Good day Dragons! As Halloween approaches, I thought it would be a good move to chose a movies for this weeks post that is both unknown & halloween-esk, so I have chosen one of my favorite movies from my childhood, Ernest Scared Stupid.


Ernest Scared Stupid was released on October 11, 1991. This movie was directed by John R. Cherry, III. The screenplay was written by Charlie Gale and Coke Sams. This movie didn’t make it to DVD until 2002, so it took quite a long time.

This movie starred: Jim Varney (Ernest), Eartha Kitt, Austin Nagler, Shay Aster, Alec Klapper, Richard Woolf, & Nick Victory.


Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) is working as a garbage collector in a small Missouri town. Despite the warnings of superstitious local Old Lady Hackmore (Eartha Kitt), he accidentally unleashes devious troll Trantor (Jonas Moscartolo), a slimy creature confined under a tree for 200 years. Trantor changes some kids into wooden dolls and turns Ernest’s dog, Rimshot, into a log. Ernest then teams up with Old Lady Hackmore to get rid of the beast and bring the victims back to life.

So as you can clearly see this movie is very campy to say the least, but so damn good. Ernest was quite an iconic character in the late 80’s, early 90s. I believe this movie makes Jim Varney’s 5th film starring as Ernest P. Worrell and I honestly love his movies, this one the most though.

My Thought’s on the Movie

As far as Halloween movies go, this definitely one of my go to movies. I try to watch this one every year around this time because it’s just so perfectly Halloween. It’s a kids movie, of course, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it as an adult.

What I love about this movie is just how badass all the kids are. This army of Trolls are hunting down kids and turning them into wooden figurines, but they are fight back from the most epic of treehouses in some creepy forest.

I wanted a treehouse just like this when I was kid, well maybe minus the dark creepy forest & the trolls part. But seriously, it’s so awesome and those kids are so freaking cool.

I hope everyone will watch this one too. I mean I know I recommend so strange movies, but honestly I just want everyone broaden their movie watching just a bit.

So where can you watch this movie. If you have HBO Go, you are set. If not, it is available for $2.99 on YouTube, Vudu, Amazon Video, iTunes, and Google Play. I mean it can also be free somewhere, but you didn’t hear that from me.



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