Twin Peaks: Episode 13


Dougie rolls into work with the Mitchum brothers and the pink ladies. The Mitchum brothers come bearing gifts of all sorts for the boss at the insurance company to show their gratitude for getting their money back. Meanwhile, Anthony Sinclair hides behind his desk as he calls Mr. Todd and tells him he has no idea what happened. Mr. Todd tells him he has one day to fix the situation.

Back at the Jones house, the Mitchum brothers have sent a brand new car and a gym set for Sonny Jim. When Dougie comes home for the night after work, Janey-E remarks that he’s been gone since he went to meet the Mitchums yesterday. This is critical because it tells us for sure that we are not seeing these scenes in chronological order. Remember, in the last episode, we saw Dougie playing with Sonny Jim (and there was no gym set). It was two episodes ago when he went off with the Mitchums.

We next visit with Evil Cooper again. I’m really sick of this guy. He rolls up to a warehouse with a bunch of thugs, including Ray, who mentions that “I killed that guy.” The boss of the thugs, Renzo, says that he’ll let Ray kill Evil Coop, but he wants to have some fun with him first. Renzo is their boss because “no one can beat him at arm wrestling.” So, obviously, Evil Coop has to partake in this arm wrestling match to the death. Evil Coop says if he wins, he doesn’t want to be their boss – he just wants Ray. Evil Coop toys with Renzo a bit, letting him think that he’s going to win, before unleashing his evil, defeating him and then punching him so hard in the face that it shatters bone.

Ray tries to run, which is not a good move. Evil Coop shoots him just enough to immobilize him. He wants to know who hired Ray to kill him. He says it was a man named Phillip Jeffries – he never met the guy though. “He set the whole prison thing up with Warden Murphy… he said I could get out and stay out if I killed you first. He said that you got something inside that they want.” Evil Coop asks if Jeffries ever mentioned Major Briggs, and Ray says no. He pulls out the emerald ring – he was supposed to put it on Evil Coop after he killed him, but he failed to do so. Evil Coop tells him to put it on – ring finger, left hand. Evil Coop wants the coordinates that Ray got from Hastings. Ray says, “I know who you are,” and he pulls the coordinates out of his pocket.

While this is going on, the thugs are watching from another room. Guess who’s there? Richard Horne. How did he get here? No idea. Anyway.

Evil Coop asks Ray where Jeffries is, and he says last he heard, he was at a place called The Dutchmen’s, “but it’s not a real place.” Evil Coop shoots him before he can continue, saying, “I know what it is.” The ring fades from Ray’s hand and appears in the Black Lodge, on the other side. Ray’s body also appears in the Lodge. A hand places the ring on a table.

We revisit the Fusco brother detectives in Vegas, who got the prints back from Dougie. They’ve matched them to Evil Coop and Dale Cooper. The brothers think it’s an error and toss the results in the trash. Anthony Sinclair shows up, looking for a Detective Clark and asking about poisons. Detective Clark says he can set it up for him. Another detective asks about what’s going on and says, “I’ll call Mr. Todd.”

Back with our Tarantino cameos, Hutch and Chantal, on the road, drive into Utah. They crack a few jokes about Mormons.

Janey-E drops off Dougie at work in her brand new car. Sinclair is waiting for him and offers to buy him a cup of coffee, which he’s clearly going to poison. Dougie takes a sip of his coffee and then immediately gets up and walks away, going to the pie counter. DALE COOPER, WHERE ARE YOU???! While Dougie is admiring the coffee, Sinclair slips in the drug. Sinclair has a sort of breakdown as Dougie drinks the coffee and keeps apologizing. Sinclair becomes convinced that Dougie knows what’s going on, and he confesses to their boss his evil plan to kill Dougie and how he’s been scamming the company. Sinclair says he’s ready to testify against Mr. Todd.

Back in Twin Peaks, we return to the RR diner. Becky calls Shelly and tells her that Steven’s been gone for two days. Later, Bobby shows up, alone, and says hello to Norma and Big Ed. They ask him to eat with them. Nice to see these crazy kids are still together… oh, but, wait. They’re not. Some douchey looking guy named Walter comes in and kisses Norma, and Ed and Bobby go to eat together in a separate booth. Who is this guy?! Turns out he runs the franchise – as in, there are multiple RR diners in the area. Good for Norma. Walter and Norma get into a disagreement about – what else? – pies.

Nadine is sitting at her computer, probably looking up crazy crap, when she gets a visitor – Dr. Jacoby. She tells him how much she loves his show and how he’s done so much for her. He’s stopped because she put up one of his shovels as a window display.

We also visit Sarah Palmer, watching boxing alone in her house. This wins the Weird Scene of the Week award – she isn’t actually watching a boxing match. She’s watching a loop of a specific clip. Over. And over. And over.

The scenes in Twin Peaks also suggest that we are not viewing things linearly. The scene where Becky is talking about Steven seems at odds with the last time we saw Becky, when she was firing bullets into an apartment where she thought he was. Later, Bobby mentions to Ed that they found some things from his father, which happened awhile ago.

We cut to the scene with Audrey and Charlie. This appears to be a direct continuation of the last time we saw them, as she is still yelling at Charlie to tell her what Tina said. Audrey says she feels like she’s someone else, like she’s somewhere else. Charlie says he’s never felt that way, and that this is “existentialism 101.” Charlie tells her that she needs to go to the Roadhouse and see if Billy is there. “Is it far?” “Come on, Audrey, you know where it is.” What is going on with Audrey? “Are you going to stop playing games, or do I have to end your story, too?” Charlie asks.

I can safely say I have no idea what’s going on.

Dragons, what did you think of this episode? What’s wrong with Audrey? How did Richard end up with Ray? Are we ever going to figure out what order these scenes should be in? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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