Spawn Movie: Reborn or Horrific Reboot?


Welcome Dragons! I wanted to take this post and share with you something that made me uber excited this weekend and is very near and dear to my heart.  Todd McFarlane announced over the weekend at the 2017 Comic-Con International: San Diego that he will be bringing Spawn back to the big screen! (I’ve heard rumors and have known he’s been working on the script for a while but the Toddfather came bringing updates and confirmations).

McFarlane announced that he would be partnering with Jason Blum (of Blumhouse Productions) to bring us a more horror-centric Spawn movie.  Blumhouse has brought us frightening franchises such as Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge and films such as Oculus and Get Out.  In the midst of the super-saturated superhero movie market, this comes as a breath of fresh air that McFarlane is still striving to break the mold with how things can be done in the entertainment industry.  McFarlane should remain in creative control for the entire movie.  He has written a first draft of his script and will be directing as well.

Spawn has been one of my favorite characters since I saw the live-action movie in theaters 20 years ago.  I remember sitting in the theater with my brother thinking, this is the greatest movie ever!!!  What was I thinking right?  I look back now with a strong sense of nostalgia because let’s face it, that movie was just a bunch of explosions and creepy things fighting each other; even if it did bring in more than double the budget from the box office.  See the trailer below and if you’re intrigued, you can view the movie in it’s entirety on Netflix.

McFarlane wants his new movie to be set in the world of Spawn but Spawn will be a “Jaws-like” character.  The title character won’t speak (or not much) but the plot will all revolve around Spawn but like in Jaws, the humans are the catalyst for the monster in the movie.  This will not be a comic book turned superhero movie that we’ve seen.  Even with movies that have a more horror theme such as Blade or Ghost Rider, they still seemed like they came from the pages of a comic book.  This will not be that type of movie.

With that being said, if things do change and Spawn gets a more prominent role, here is my short list to star as Spawn (Al Simmons):

Idris Elba (The WireLuther, Thor, The Dark Tower)


He has the age, experience, and ruthlessness to bring Al Simmons’ pain and anger to make us feel his humanity through the horror.



Omari Hardwick (PowerDark Blue

He can play the good guy or bad guy and everywhere in between.  Often making us feel unsure if we should be rooting for him or not.

Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds)

 Yes he was a fashion model and starred in soap operas; however, have you not seen Criminal Minds and how he can change the mood of a scene to fit his personality or what he’s feeling at the time?

McFarlane claims to have been approached by Academy Award Winners about starring in the movie so I guess we can only play the waiting game at this point.  Join me next time Dragons as I bring you on a trip from how Spawn got started and what he’s been doing with himself since Spawn #1 was introduced in 1992.  We’ll look at Spawn throughout comic book (and crossovers), toys, video games (and appearances), and cartoons.  Sound off below with who you think would play a great Spawn!



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