Reimagining Battlestar Galactica!


IMAG0174My day started off with Richard Hatch introducing a panel on the reimagining of BSG. A super cool topic if you’re like me, who was left…unsatisfied (to put it nicely) with the finale of the latest BSG.

First off, let me say, this panel was incredibly entertaining. The panelists had fun, they were joking, riffing off one another. It was really nice to see some levity. Panelists included Alec Peters (Propworks, Axanar), Dr. Kevin Grazier (science consult: Battlestar GalacticaUrek, Falling Skies), writer Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy), Rob Burnett (Free Enterprise), Ashley Edward Miller (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Thor), Julie Benson  (The 100).IMAG0175

I hope that if you are reading this, you have some interest in BSG, either you have watched it, or are planning to in the near future. I need to assume you have watched it. Because, seriously, it went off the air in 2009. It’s been six years. Make it a priority. And yes, I just watched it last year for the first time. And yes, I had the ending completely spoiled for me. Se la vie.


Head 6 and Head Baltar

One of the questions posed to the panelists was “What would you do with the Battlestar Story from here?” Nicole Perlman stated she would expand one the theistic principles that the humans and cylons lived, both mono and poly theistic. She mentioned addressing who Head 6 and Head Baltar were “working” for, exploring what they were actually doing. I LOVED THIS. My biggest issue with BSG was that those characters, in the end, served little to no purpose. I hated that about the series. I needed them to have an end to their storyline, and it just wasn’t there. Her proposition about focusing on the theistic aspects of the show really got my BSG juices flowing.

There was brief talk about how animation could be brought into the fray. Many of the panelists supported the use of animation. There were a few naysayers who thought the BSG realm was too gritty for animation. I think if it’s done right, it could be successful. Obviously not as a Saturday morning cartoon, but could definitely find a home on an adult swim or Netflix type medium.

One aspect of the panel addressed the idea of fan fiction. Why don’t we see the types of Fan Made movies or shorts like we do for Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly and the like. There was not a resolution to this question. Richard Hatch made a trailer for a new story, and there is possibly a movie in the works.

The bottom line is, I think BSG has more stories to be told, in many different mediums. If you are a fan, make a short, make a trailer, make a commercial, write some fan fiction. Do what you think should be done with the story. In the days of crowdfunding and social media, you never know who is listening and who can add limbs to your story.




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