Our Appearance on the Geektitude Podcast!


itunesimageLast week, I got invited to be on Joe Hogan’s podcast, “Geektitude.” Joe (@epicgrays) and I met at San Diego Comic Con back in July. After I got this email, I went back and listened to a majority of the old episodes (there were only 12, I am episode 13.) And they were incredibly entertaining!

I think it might have been fate. The first episode was the “Doctor Who Starter Kit” and I have just recently been getting into Doctor Who. The starter kit includes a select few episodes from every Doctor that are designed to hook the viewer. The conversation was fun and, while I did not follow the starter kit, I now have some great episodes to look forward to.

Other Geektitude podcasts include a fall tv series preview, chats with a comic book writer, a recap of the best geek things of 2015, and, of course, Star Wars. Each episode I listened to was thoughtful, engaging, and entertaining. Although, when I disagreed with Joe or the guest, I found myself actually getting into the debate with them inside my own head. Not a lot of podcasts have that profound an effect.

My conversation with Joe was so much fun. It started with the geeky things I like, including comics books, tv shows, books, and more. We ventured into areas that I’m not as up to date on, including all the DC tv shows. We dove into the fact that the first two comics I had read in a long time were “Archie Rocks Canada,” which was absolutely horrible, and “Archie vs. Predator,” which was incredible! And it was just crazy random happenstance that both happened to be Archie comics.

Later into the conversation, we dove into this, Dumbbells and Dragons.  We discussed where I want to see this go. And actually, Joe gave me a lot of motivation to get the podcast up and running. It was really great to see a member of the community take genuine interest in a project of another. And likewise, I really want to make myself, DB&D, and the community available to him.

Lastly, we discussed how in the beginning of the year, everyone wants to get fit. We discussed tips and tricks to make lasting change. We discussed diet, gyms, effective habits, and community. It was really a great experience.

Please take a listen here: http://geektitude.com/ or in itunes!

Be sure to follow geektitude on twitter at @geektitude!

I do mention two books in the podcast, check them out on Amazon here:

The Historian by Rachel Bohlen

Alien Series by Gini Koch

Have a good week, Dragons!




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