Listen, now PUMP!


While I was in Italy during June, I was struggling. Not from lack of getting in to the gym, or from an injury, or of the realization I’d never get to see the movie Entourage in theatres (although maybe just a little suffering from this one…) but I was suffering from lack of Good Tunes. If you’ve been following our blog or facebook, you may have noticed a theme of late with respect to my posts: that they’re all from NOT where I live! I’ve been traveling since mid-March to the West Coast for two months before crossing the Atlantic to Italy. On these trips, I am a meticulous planner and love developing Operations (aka trips) with funny jokes and anecdotes. (I created a 4 page OPORD for a 5 day trip to ski in Colorado for two people… ) So when I tell you I didn’t plan my music situation well, you might have some appreciation of how BIG of a fail this is for me, personally. syrup

I have not created a new playlist since early January. I haven’t purchased a song on iTunes since October, and I only recently (2 weeks ago) subscribed to Spotify premium. So traveling through Italy I was stuck with the same old, same old. No data to stream Pandora or Spotify and spotty radio at the best of times. Luckily, a friend from VMI was joining me for the last 12 days of my trip. I asked him to bring two things: music & maple syrup. Now, perhaps I did not explain my need for more/different music well enough, but unfortunately Nate downloaded ALL of his Spotify music to his computer, but only 2 playlists to his phone. The ghetto fabulous car we had in Italy did not have an AUX port… For real. It isn’t that we couldn’t find one – its that we check in the manual and it actually did not even have one!

So there goes the computer music. Two playlists. Ok, not bad, hopefully they have a lot of songs on them. They didn’t. We had America’s Top 40 as of June 15, 2015 and Nate’s EDM mix. And here is where things got serious. From June 17 – 30 we listened to his EDM mix all the way through about 40-50 times. I got addicted. It happens.

Since I’ve returned stateside it has been almost three weeks, and I still can’t stop listening to the mix! Not only that, but now I can’t work out to anything else. My old mixes are crap – they suck. Now, nothing gets me up and amped ready to pick up real heavy sh*t and put it back down again, quite like EDM. If you’re struggling in the gym, need some aggressive tunes, or just can’t get over that cardio hump, give the playlist a shot. It will change your gym experience! So without further ado, I give you the “Listen, now PUMP!” mix I can’t workout, without.

PS for those of you who were like, “WTF maple syrup?!?” Maple Syrup is crazy hard to get in Europe, so I had Nate bring some more (I could only bring 3 bottles in my checked bag) so that we could gift it to our hosts at the various vineyards that were providing us accommodations in their villas and homes while I photographed. Our way of saying Thank You.


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