Femme Finale! GoT Season Finale Podcast!


Hey Dragons, I was joined by Russ  Emanuel, director of “Occupants,” and DB&D Blogger Rachel Bohlen as we watched The Winds of Winter, the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones!

Hear more about Russ’s film this Wednesday when he is on our regularly scheduled podcast!



  1. Had a blast! Thanks for having me as part of the podcast!

  2. Joshua Karpoff

    A few things:
    1) When Cersei’s pet maester has the children stab Grand Maester Pycelle, it hearkens back to the end of book 5 when Kevin Lannister is killed by the children at the command of Varys. Obviously, Kevin Lannister is killed in the show thanks to blowing up the sept. But they brought that brief passage in because it was such a great scene in the book.

    2) OK, so it’s WINTER now – Sam is going to train as a maester, but that usually takes YEARS to do, so chances are, by the time Sam is ready to return to the Wall, the war and winter will be over. Just sayin.

    3) There are officially no more Baratheons – King Tommen Baratheon was the last of the line. Robert, Stannis, and Renly are dead. Queen Cersei is a Lanister (so is Tommen, but not officially). So first of all, her claim to the throne is even weaker than her children’s. When Ned Stark handed the throne to Robert, it was because Robert had the better claim – but I believe the STARKS have a better claim to the throne than the LANNISTERS do (obviously, both a weaker claim than any TARGARYANS). So it will be interesting to see if and how Jon/Sansa/Danaerys challenge Cersei’s claim. But second, in the opening credits, Kings Landing has had the stag for the last six seasons – under Robert, Joffrey, and Tommen. Will the show change it to a lion (just as they changed Winterfell back to the direwolf?)?

    Also, Tyrell, Frey, and Tulley houses are gone

    4) I tried posting this last week but it didn’t post for some reasonI was basically right about Arya – I thought Arya, when wounded, would go back to the House of the Many Faced God and declare herself as Arya Stark, and then be healed and sent away. So I was close: she was healed, killed her attacker, and then returned to the Many Faced God and declared herself as Arya Stark and willingly went away.
    You guys were talking about vengence as a motivation, or a bad motivation, but Arya’s entire plot is about vengence. I agree that Arya will finish her list and die. I can’t imagine how she continues after she gets her revenge.

    5) There are only three true villains left: (1) Cersei, (2) Littlefinger (3) The Night King. The Night King, obviously, is the existential threat on all humanity, and to defeat him will require the cooperation of Bran, Jon, and Sam. Oh, and apparently, the Hound and the King’s Men. Littlefinger revealed his ultimate goal this episode – to sit the iron throne. He is by far the most selfish, ruthless, cunning villain. We also need to remember that Littlefinger betrayed Ned Stark and is the reason he is dead. No one else knows this, of course, but he needs to get his comeupance. I think Dany is going to be the one who finishes him off. Cersei will die, Littlefinger will sit on the throne, and Dany will burst in with a dragon, finishing him off seconds later.
    Cersei though, I think will suffer death at the hands of a regretful Jaimie. Jaimie’s actions helped trigger the entire series, becoming the King Slayer at the end of the rebellion, and then throwning Bran out the window. all of his actions were for love of Cersei, but remember, he killed Aerys because he was going to use the wildfire on Kings Landing – and that’s what Cersei just did. He starts seeing her for the monster she is, and I think even his love for her won’t change that he realizes SHE needs to die, that SHE caused the death, in one way or another, of HIS children. He will be sad, but that will be his redemption – killing Cersei.We also know that Cersei has previously considered killing herself and her children rather than be captured (season 2, battle of blackwater). Maybe when Dany and her army starts closing in, Cersei plans on doing exactly what Aerys was going to do – take down Kings Landing with herself. and Jaimie stops her. He saves Kings Landing again. Then, because he loves her, he takes his own life.

    The other question I have is which happens first: The war with the night king, or Dany’s conquest? Most of Westeros basically ignores what’s happening up north, wouldn’t believe it if they heard it, and are in their petty squabbles. But at some point, word of the bigger threat will make a difference.

    Also. where does the battle of the north take place? North of the wall, probably not, but south of the wall – the whitewalkers can’t cross the wall (Uncle Benjen alluded that to Bran in this episode) – so that means, the wall has to come down at some point. I think that will be the point where people are like “hey, we’ve got a problem here”

    Right now, there are only three major factions left: (1) the lannisters, and whatever support they still have (2) Dany, who now has in her camp the Tyrells, the Martells, and the Greyjoys not to mention the unsullied (3) The Starks and the North and the wildings. how they ultimately fight against each other, or fight with each other will obviously drive the last 13 episodes.

    I was typing this as listening to the podcast, so you may have addressed some of these points.

    I like what you said about Jon and Dany being the song of ice and fire, or at least symbolizing them.

    Oh, and just to drive you crazy, how about this theory: Sam and Gilly sit the iron throne. because they are the only ones left alive. discuss.

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