Ep. 015 Harry Potter & Leviosa


Sat down with Joel Hunter and we talked Harry Potter, a little LOTR, and some conversion about beer. We are preparing to be at Leviosa, a Harry Potter convention, where Joel will be speaking! Thank you to BroadcastGirl012 for this suggestion!

Also, this is kicking off our iTunes review contest! Rate and review the podcast on iTunes, take a screenshot of it, then tweet it to @DumbbellsDragon or email me Ken@dumbbellsanddragons.com. One review at random will win an autographed copy of Mike Nappa’s new novel, “Annabel Lee.” Check it out on Amazon. Contest will run from June 15, 2016 until July 15, 2016.

Dumbbells and Dragons Show Notes for 06/15/2016

Joel Hunter, Hogwarts Preparatory Academy, Recorded on 06/07/2016



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