Daredevil Season Two – Episodes 9-13: “Seven Minutes in Heaven” to “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen”


daredevil-season-2-punisher-skull-costume-elektraHello Dragons! Welcome to the final recaps for Daredevil Season 2. Here is the pertinent info for each episode…along with some little jokes and sarcasm. It should make for an interesting ride! Enjoy and #WorkOutNerdOut!

Episode Nine – Seven Minutes in Heaven aka The Return of the Kingpin

And we begin with Fisk, in his suit, going through check in at his prison. As he drops the cufflinks Vanessa picked out into a container, one of the guards lightly knocks him on the head with his nightstick. Such disrespect for the man that was to rebuild Hell’s Kitchen!

We see Fisk, friendless, without protection, being harassed by the “Kingpin of the prison.” At lunch he meets a former mortgage broker and the muscle he befriended while in prison. Fisk meets with his attorney to set up ongoing support for the muscle’s mother. How charitable. And now Fisk has his protection and begins his assent to the top of the prison dogpile. The flashback ends where the previous episode did, with Fisk meeting with Frank Castle.

Now we begin with Matt injured, lying on the ground from being shot at the end of the previous episode. And Elektra and some mystery team clean up Matt and dispose of the ninja’s body. Elektra and Matt argue over her methods. Later Foggy visits Matt and mentions the idea that they should close Nelson and Murdock for some time. Matt is confused and wondering if Foggy is talking about the practice or their friendship. Foggy mentions that they use to go hand in hand and maybe Matt should give up the vigilante. Matt mentions that they are the same person. At this point they decide to go their separate ways.

We go back to the conversation between Frank and Fisk. Fisk shares knowledge that the man in charge of killing Frank’s family is in a different cell block and Fisk can arrange to get Frank inside. He gives Frank a shank and Frank says that after this, he is done with Fisk.

Aftermath of some serious fighting!

Aftermath of some serious fighting!

Frank goes to the cell block to confront Dutton. After Dutton admits to some role in killing Frank’s family, Frank kills Dutton. As Frank goes to leave the cell block, the guards lock him in. Fisk then taunts Frank for taking care of Dutton. All the other prisoner doors are opened and they attack Frank. In what was probably the second best fight scene thus far (first being episode 3…duh) Frank, expectedly, kills them all.

Matt goes on a mission to find “The Hand” and finds people being drained of blood for, what we can only assume, is Dark Sky. A ninja comes and fights Matt. During the fight the ninja says, “I hope you have scars to remember me by.” So of course I shout “Nobu” at my TV, expecting a response. And yes, it is Nobu. Matt is confused as to how Nobu is alive and says, “You’re supposed to be dead.” Nobu responds with “Death? There is no such thing.” Fade to black.

Overall Rating:  I give the episode 4 out of 5 shanks!

Episode 10 – The Man in the Box aka Rosario Dawson gets more than a fleeting cameo

Episode opens with the victims being taken to Claire so that The Hand wont get a chance to finish them off before they talk about what happened to them. While there, Matt hears the Punisher escaped. Karen and Foggy meet at City Hall to talk with the DA. Matt shows up, has some super teen awkwardness with Karen.

Our three legal-eagles meet with District Attorney Reyes and discuss Frank’s escape. At this meeting we discover The Blacksmith was setting up a meeting with the three gunned down gangs. Reyes admits she knew about the meeting and made mistakes in a sting operation and Murdock, that oh so clever lawyer, says that Reyes didn’t clear the park of civilians. She admits that she thought clearing the park would tip her hand. The Blacksmith never showed for the meeting, the gangs got spooked, opened fire, and Frank’s family was caught in the crossfire.

BANG BANG BANG – now everyone is caught in the crossfire. Gun fire sprays through the windows. And DA Reyes is killed. Foggy takes one in the shoulder. I have no idea how that is going to affect his hockey shot. (If you miss that reference check Elden Henson’s IMDB, here)

Matt goes to see Fisk. Fisk denies any wrongdoing. Matt brings up Vanessa and how he will make sure she can never come back into the country. Fisk snaps. The handcuffs that were just for show hit the ground and he grabs Matt and slams him repeatedly into the desk. Matt confirms what we all know, that Fisk is running the prison and had Frank released. Fisk says that once he is out, he is going to destroy Matt and Foggy.

Karen and Mitchell Ellison (Editor of NY Bulletin and friend of deceased Ben Urich) investigate a shooting at a motel. The professor that worked for the Yakuza making the coded cipher is dead. Karen doesn’t think it was Frank. Wasn’t that meaningful of a scene, I just think this is going to be important at some point in the future, probably pointing to Karen’s commitment to Frank’s innocence.

Matt and Claire meet up and Claire informs him that the blood-drained victims were being used to incubate toxins and drained at leisure. At the end Murdock decides that he cant afford friendships. You know, that thing every superhero does at some point and then realizes the error of his or her way. It’s Matt’s turn.

Back at Karen’s apartment, Frank shows up and professes his innocence just before bullets rain down on him and Karen.

In the hospital, the victims go all zombie and kill a guy. Claire runs. Ninjas repel into the hospital. And credits

Look at them sai. Badass

Look at them sai. Badass

Also, I realize I haven’t paid a lot of attention to Elektra…mostly because her storyline just hasn’t had any big revelations. So here is a quick recap of her this episode: In an airplane hanger, fights a guy. Guy reveals that he isn’t part of The Hand, but that Stick sent him to kill her. She stabs him with her sai. One could say that it was cool…but rude.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5 bullets.

Episode 11 – .380 aka Season 1 Part Deux

This episode starts with the ninjas taking the zombie people and Matt fighting them off. In short: they escape. It did include an awesome scene where Claire is thrown from a window and Matt dives out to catch her. He swings on one of the ninja ropes, grabs her, and swings through a window. Very Spiderman-esque of him.

Ok so Karen runs into Matt and he is worried about her. She says she has police protection. Cut to hotel, police check out the room and tell her its clean and that they will be right outside. Then they get in the elevator and go downstairs. Here are my issues, one, why haven’t Karen and Matt spoken about Elektra in Matt’s bed? Why isn’t she asking questions about Stick. Dear lord is she really perceptive about some things and completely ignorant and dense about others. Two, what kind of police protection involves leaving the protected alone and not on the same floor? Ridiculous. And because of this, she gets in a car with Frank and they take off.

Claire is in the hospital and getting ready for the autopsy of one of the ninjas. And of course, he already has autopsy scars! And the mystery adds a layer! Was he dead before? Who cut him open? And why?

So Frank and Karen are at a diner chillin, discussing Karen’s crush on Matt, when Frank warns her to get out of there because shit is about to go down. Karen is insulted that Frank used her as bait. To which he ignores and just tells her to get the hell out of there. Gunfire and stabbings ensue. Frank brutally breaks up a dude’s face to find out where The Blacksmith is.

Matt goes to Chinatown to find The Blacksmith and finds…Madame Gao instead! Apparently Daredevil is really intent on bringing back everyone from season 1. I’m really hopeful that Wesley comes back…even after being shot in the head in season 1. Madame Gao realizes that its good for her heroin business to help Daredevil eliminate The Blacksmith.

The Blacksmith brings his drugs in by boat, so Frank and Matt go, separately, to the pier. Frank shoots his way around the boat, killing lots of people. He didn’t spend a lot of time finding his way around. And I know how confusing boats can be when shooting people, I’ve played the boat level in Goldeneye. Frank finds the guy he thinks is The Blacksmith and is about to end him when Daredevil shows up and tells him the guy is lying, using his supersonic heartbeat reading skills. Bad guy reinforcements show up and Frank pushes Daredevil off the boat. Frank is about to shoot ‘em up when one of the guys says, “Been awhile, hasn’t it, Frank.” Frank hesitates and the bad guys open fire. Who was this guy and how does he know Frank? Someone call in the Scoobies and the mystery machine. And then the boat blows up, killing the bad guys.

Elektra update: She finds Stick, sai out at the ready. Stick has a kitana. They have some brief smack talk, episode over.

Overall rating: 3 season 1 characters out of 5

Episode 12 – The Dark at the End of the Tunnel aka All Secrets Revealed

Episode opens with preteen Elektra training with Stick and beating the crap out of three men. Stick talks about the war that’s coming. More mysteries to unravel. Cut to current fight between the two and Daredevil intervenes and stops them from killing each other. Enter ninjas attacking all three.

Foggy returns to Nelson and Murdock to find Matt doing research. He helps Matt figure out to where the ninjas disappear. Foggy asks Matt if he wants them to reconsider ending their partnership, both professionally and personally. Matt says no. Could this be the final end of Nelson and Murdock??

Karen goes to the Colonel who testified earlier in the series to get information for the story the Bulletin is writing on Frank. At the Colonel’s, Karen sees a picture of the guy who yelled at Frank. She had seen him earlier that day, dead on the pier. Colonel Douchebag pulls a gun on Karen when he reveals that the guy at the pier was working for him. At this point, it hasn’t been confirmed but I think Colonel DoucheyMcDoucheFace is The Blacksmith. They get in a car and drive.

Crash! Frank crashes his car into theirs. Frank leads Colonel Assface into the forest. Karen limps along following them, and demands to know about some event about which Frank and the Colonel are talking. Frank shoots him. Karen cries. And in the coolest part of this scene, Frank finds a secret panel and room. Inside is a mega-shit-ton of guns and a flak jacket. Frank has become The Punisher!

Matt enters the abandoned tunnels and fights some ninjas. He rescues Stick and Elektra shows up to finish the job. Flashback to Elektra killing one of her training partners who tried to kill her and Stick killing a guy trying to convince Stick to kill Elektra. Nobu appears and informs Elektra that she is the Black Sky. Nobu offers Elektra a kitana, which she takes. Nobu and the ninjas kneel before Elektra. Elektra is contemplating killing Stick and Matt, she decides not to, they kick all ninja asses. Matt throws Nobu off an overhang thing. After he hits the ground, he opens his eyes and gets up. Making it the second time he has returned from the dead.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 resurrections.

Episode 13 – A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen aka When’s Season 3?

With Stick tied to a chair, Matt tries to convince Elektra not to jump off the ledge of which she is currently standing. They decide to take down Nobu and expose him as a fake and Black Sky as just a myth.

And then we see Foggy having an interview with Jeri Hogarth! Hooray Carrie-Anne Moss! Also, if anyone has seen Jessica Jones, I think this scene confirms the series’ are running in the same timeline. Mostly because Hogarth’s face isn’t all cut up.

imagesIn another cool scene, Matt and Elektra are getting her a suit from Melvin and Melvin gives Daredevil his really badass cane.

We finally find out what Nobu is planning. He is kidnapping everyone Daredevil has ever saved. As they are riding in a bus, we see Karen is with them. That girl just cannot stay out of trouble. Luckily one guy is on house arrest and his tracer brings the police. Matt hears the police call for backup and now he knows where they are keeping the people. He goes, beats up some ninjas, Elektra shows up, kills some ninja. Surprised they don’t order a pizza and Netflix and chill.

Elektra and Daredevil are trapped on a roof and contemplating running away together if they survive. They run to the roof and start fighting ninjas. Nobu goes after Daredevil, but Daredevil seems to be winning. Until Nobu gets serious, kicks Matt’s mask off, and is about to stab his with Elektra’s sai. She dives in the way and gets stabbed in the heart. Matt goes back after Nobu and the ninjas come after Matt. Frank in full Punisher gear takes out a few of them. Matt then gets Nobu and throws him off the roof. And of course, Nobu wakes up and walks away. Except Stick stabs him through the heart and cuts his head off.

Epilogue: Matt and Stick talk over Elektra’s grave. Karen and Foggy close their tab at Josie’s. Karen writes her article on Frank for the Bulletin. The two biggest points: Matt meets Karen and Nelson and Murdock, pulls his mask out of a bag and says, “I’m Daredevil.” Wide shot of Elektra’s empty grave and then a bunch of ninjas putting her into the Black Sky vase thing.

Overall Rating: 3 Cliffhangers out of 5.

Hope you enjoyed the recaps! Anything we miss? Anything you loved or hated? Put it in the comments, we do respond personally!



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