Best of Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival


Dragons, it’s been a while since I’ve written to you here! I got the opportunity to attend the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival, sponsored by BitPix and GotVape. First, let me tell you how amazingly well put together this film fest is. The communication between the company and the media was among the best of the Cons and Festivals I’ve been to. Second, the venue is spectacular. If you have never had the opportunity to go to The TCL Chinese 6 Theatre in Hollywood is absolutely gorgeous. You can step right outside and see some of Hollywood’s most famous landmarks.

Now let’s get to the movies! I saw a lot and not all of them could be mentioned here. There were so many I loved, but I am going to keep it to three from each genre I saw (Spoof & RomCom). They are also in no particular order.


I Wanna Date U (Directed by Lisa Ovies)

A hilarious look at the dating life of Holly, our single heroine just looking for love and finding nothing. With her best friend, Lucy, she goes to confront the guy who stood her up. One question haunts me…will Holly ever get her ducky onesie? Check out the trailer here.

You’re Alive (Directed by W. Alex Reeves)

A man is reunited with his lost love. After months of searching and wondering what happened, he finds her. Was she kidnapped? Was she murdered? Abducted by a cult? Joined the CIA on a top secret spy mission? Our lead, Ben, asks all these questions before he finds her again.

The Driving Seat (Directed by Phil Lowe)

A middle aged couple tries to get back to the wild passionate days of their youth but trying to make love in their car. It does not go as planned. I found myself asking…why didn’t they move to the backseat? This film was sweet, charming, and funny. It serves as a reminder that you dont have to have sex in a car to be perfect for one another.


Grocery Store Action Movie (Directed by Matthew Campbell)

What happens when you forget the crackers and your cool, hip, new friends are coming over for a get together? What if your at the register? The clock is ticking. You need the crackers. You can’t be late. What if the cheese sample guy is stalking you? This movie is essentially what you imagine Liam Neeson’s life is on the weekends.

First Word (Directed by Thomas R. Martin)

How did our ancestors first learn to speak? How was language discovered and where did it come from? This film answers those questions and more. A group of cavemen stumble on the first word and it changes history forever.

Game of Thrones Divorce (Directed by Andrew Pifko)

Do marriages in Westeros ever end without someone dying? How exactly does that come about? I loved this film because it crosses two things I know a lot about…Game of Thrones and Family Law. Every line made me crack up because I have heard a modern day version of it. You don’t need that to find the humor though.

Horror (Honorable Mention)

Tales from the Toilet (Directed by Pete Novitch)

I didn’t get to see a lot of the horror shorts, but of the ones I saw, this one made me laugh so hard I cried. It is quite literally toilet humor. Everyone has that one story about how they narrowly missed, or almost missed getting to the toilet on time. These are those stories brought to life on screen. And they are just as disgustingly hilarious as you’d expect.


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