A Focused Workout: Delt Destruction


We’re back with another post on a focused workout! This morning, I give you “Delt Destruction”. Similar to my post on focused ChestDay, I’ll give you the reasoning behind my lifts, the best way to build size and stamina, and a great workout to either complete alone, or in combination with another body part.

I highlighted four exercises that I truly love and believe in and that will me you swell up like a bumble bee sting 😉


Standing Upright Row in to Press:
Easily my favorite move of any shoulder workout. Breaking down the movement in two parts you have the initial upright row, and the overhead press. The key to success in this is the smooth transition from the row to the Press. Why the transition? The transition is where you’ll flip your wrists, changing your palms from facing in towards your body during the upright row, to an outwards/upwards position as you push the barbell up over your head. Master this movement with lower weights and you’ll be seeing those shoulders grow in no time!

Seated Dumbbell Press:
A second builder-block exercise, similar to the upright row to press, this exercise focuses on building the shoulder. I tend to alternate the Upright Row to Press and the Seated Dumbbell Press as my first big exercise (after warming up of course!) when I hit the gym for shoulder day. And yes, I have an entire day dedicated to shoulders 😉 Start with a comfortable weight for 6-8 reps, and complete two sets. Rest approximately 2 minutes between sets, and then tackle the main part – 4 sets of 3-5 reps at a heavy weight. If you need assistance, get someone to lift the dumbbells and help them to your shoulders. You may even need some help on the initial push-off, and ALWAYS have a spotter on Shoulder day.

Superset Lat & Front Raises
A keeper. This is your cut move, the superset that will see striations in your shoulders and define your shoulders. Start with low weight dumbbells and, while standing, complete 10-12 reps of lateral raises followed immediately by 10-12 reps of front raises. Try to keep your arms slightly bent, and get your hands over your head at the peak of the movement. Each time you hit the gym for shoulder day, alternate which exercise goes first – lateral raises or front raises.

Exactly as during Chest Day, you need to crank out a few sets of pushups. Keeping your hands about shoulder width apart, crank out as many reps as you can. Here though is where we differ from chest day. Complete the remaining two sets first with your hands directly under your shoulders, and the last set, with your hands beyond shoulder width apart. Again, rep out each set and feel the burn!



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