Surviving Winter



On this Cyber Monday, we are coming to you with a shorter Blog Post. I promise it won’t take too long to read, and perhaps you’ll even pull some awesome information from it!

Tip 1: Bulking

December 1st. Bulking season has come once again! It is that time of year for long shirts, sweaters, jackets, mittens, and hats. It just so happens that this is also the perfect time of year to hit the heavy weights and ingest a lot more food to grow those muscles. After all, the excess eating will give you a little bit more insulation, and you can always cover the extra pounds with a layer or two. So hit the gym, lift heavy and eat often. Get strong and get fierce!

Tip 2: Be a Goof and get Happy

Depressed because its winter? That’s ok – working out pumps all those good endorphins into your blood stream and makes you happy! Plus, who doesn’t love looking in the mirror to see a larger & sexier self. So I guess you could almost say that December begins the shameless selfie season too… not my words (well actually they are, but don’t quote me!). Be a goof, laugh a lot, and make friends at the gym. When it is dark at 4:15pm and you’re trying to get the motivation to put on shorts and a T for a workout, just remember all the glorious food selfies you can take after your lift!

RockyMntTip 3: Get outdoors!

Now, I’m not saying go camping in negative 5 degree weather (like I did last week in Rocky Mountain National Park), but get outside and have some fun. Whether it may be skiing Sugar Mountain in NC, Aspen or Vail in Colorado, or boarding in Jackson, WY – make a trip of a weekend and hop on the slopes. Can’t ski or snowboard? All these resorts and mountains have tubing, ice skating, indoor arenas, fine food and better drinks! I also had my first Irish Coffee when I was out in Colorado last week (crazy because I am Irish and love both whiskey and coffee!) so there are plenty of delicious cocktails out there that pair perfectly with an afternoon of skiing and fresh powder. Not up for crazy mountain sports, then try a day hike at a state or national park. A hike that used to take you 2-3 hours will now push you to complete in 6! Snow, cold, extra gear, and layers will all add to the length of the trip. Don’t say no right away, but give it a try, even if its just a couple hours outside of your comfort zone!

Tip 4: Challenge yourself with an intellectual activity

This is a new one to my list, and the last in this segment. Try challenging yourself with something academic or intellectual. No clue what I am talking about? I get that. Here is an example: this January I am challenging myself to learn Italian. I am dedicating time each and every day to studying Italian using Rosetta Stone from January through the end of March. I know I won’t be fluent at the end of that time, but I hope to be able to carry a conversation. The effects of this intellectual activity are two fold; first, I’ll keep my mind stimulated and focused on something other than the dreary winter and second, I’ll build a new skill that I never thought I’d have the ability or time to conquer!

Enjoy winter, and take some time to stare in to that fire. Winter is no longer Coming Mr. Robert Jorden. Winter is Here.


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  1. How have you never had Irish coffee?!?!?

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