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For my first article from Stan Lee’s Comikaze, I decided to start with the video game named after the man himself, Stan Lee’s Hero Command. The game is cartoony, campy, and witty, similar to Stan’s comics a lot of us were raised on. Check the trailer:

The game is a simple melee, hack-and-slash type mobile game. The controls are very easy to learn, move with one thumb on a virtual d-pad on one side of the phone/tablet, attack with the other. You can learn special attacks as you progress throughout the game. These can be trigger by a smaller on screen button above the attack button. Download it and try it. You’ll figure it out.

The game currently has 225 levels, 75 for each of the three heroes you can choose. Take control of Captain Steamhammer, a steel working strongman with a steam-powered suit; Seer, a kid genius and powerful psychic; and the Twins, a high flying trapeze team. Some levels have Stan as a playable character, which is mainly what everyone wants! How cool is it to play as Stan Lee!!

The game is free to play, however, like most “freemium” games, you can only play for so long before the game doesn’t let you continue until your “Shields” (the unit used to play a mission) regenerate. As with most games, this annoys me. Give me an option for unlimited play for a certain amount of money and let me decide if your game is worth it.

The game is available on iOS and Android and can be found here:

I only played a few levels of the game but it was definitely fun and button mashy. If you like fun games with interesting story, good gameplay, and quirky Stan Lee-esque comedy, download this one today.

IMAG0742The game recently updated with Stan as a playable character. So Stan got to meet his video game counterpart at Comikaze. Stan, even at age 92, was witty and wild as ever. Seeing him up close and personal was truly an amazing experience. Enjoy the game! Comment below with your thoughts!





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