Retail Therapy (for booklovers)


When things get crazy I usually cope by making a couple impulsive internet-purchases.  I certainly don’t recommend this as a frequent coping mechanism, but it can’t hurt every once in a while — moderation in all things, right?  If you’re also looking to make a few book-inspired purchases, look no further.

Comics – There’s a ton of great comics inspired gear out there, these are some of my current favorites.

Girls Don’t Read Comics:  Obviously.  This tongue-in-cheek tote bag is from the inimitable Kate Leth of Hellcat fame.  Perfect for picking up your pulls from your local comic shop.
Post-Punk Batman: Know somebody (other than me) who loves Joy Division AND Batman?  Billy Butcher’s Society 6 shop has you covered.
Bitch Planet Leggings:  I love Bitch Planet so much.  I haven’t taken the leap and gotten a Non-Compliant tattoo, but I do have these awesome leggings.

Classic Lit – What, comics aren’t high-brow enough for ya?

Poe-Ka Dot Socks: Ah, my favorite literary pun.  Poe-ka dots.  POE-KA DOTS!  Hilarious.
Penguin Classics – Jane Eyre: I love those iconic Penguin book covers, luckily other people do as well and they’ve slapped them on throw pillows and tote bags.
Hamlet Scarf: makes a wide range of products that have the ENTIRE text of your favorite book on them.  I’m a fan of their scarves in particular.

Slaughterhouse-Five/Vonnegut – Yeah, this category is ultra-specific, but I adore Vonnegut, and I’m the one making this list.

Slaughterhouse-Five Sweater: Slaughterhouse-Five is a font of great quotes.
So It Goes Necklace: See, another great S-F line!  I couldn’t find any gear that had “All this happened, more or less.” on it though.
Uncle Kurt Pin: SleepyMountain’s Etsy shop has the greatest enamel pins; this one is my favorite.

Fit Lit – This is Dumbbells and Dragons after all.

Swole Shakespeare: It absolutely kills me that he’s still wearing the Victorian ruff (with no shirt).
I Lift Hardcovers: This is what most of my lifting consist of.
Do You Even Read, Bro?: If you want even more fit lit shopping options, check out this great list from Book Riot.

Until next time, find the stories that make you stronger. #WorkOutNerdOut


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