PolitiCon! Flexing your political muscle!


James Carville and Trevor Noah chattin it up

So with all the hullabaloo surrounding the 2016 presidential election, I thought maybe there is something relevant to our community. I mean, I’m sure I could make at least some tangential connection that is relevant. But is there something better?  And then I saw it, PolitiCon. Last week, I attended a two-day convention focused around political issues, with celebrities in that arena. James Carville, Michele Bachmann, Edward Snowden (via Skype) and the newest name in politics (to me), Trevor Noah, the new host of The Daily Show. These were just a few of the many guests in attendance at the inaugural event.

Now, you may be thinking, what does this have to do with DB&D? And the answer is everything. I sat down with a few of the behind the scenes heads of the event and their vision is to create a Comic-Con type feel to the political arena. Surely there are those that are just as passionate about political issues as we are about Deadpool, right? This convention was a huge first step at intertwining politics and comic cons. There were panels about current hot button issues, film screenings, autograph sessions, and more. Pretty sure there were even some political cosplayers.


The RoastMaster General, Jeff Ross

A major theme was comedy. The weekend was headlined by a night of political comedy. One of the comedians, Jeff Ross, screened his new Comedy Central Special, “Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail.” I bring this up because this special was incredibly funny and had a lot of heart. It portrayed convicts as people, not just numbers and crimes. I encourage everyone to find it on youtube, iTunes and Comedy Central.

Of course, the big name at this Con was Trevor Noah, finishing up his second week as host of The Daily Show, he did a 20 minute stand up set, followed by being interviewed by James Carville. He spoke of the similar political climates in the US and South Africa. His experience being an African-American male in the United States. It was truly a phenomenal event.


I had to take a picture with Joe Morton, aka Miles Dyson, creator of Skynet from T2. Such a nice person.

I highly recommend this event if you are heavy into politics, like comedy, or like tv and movies. It was really interesting to see everyone with different opinions discussing them and sharing them, not unlike the Batman/Superman debates I’m used to.

See you at the polls! #WorkOutNerdOut



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