New York Comic Con Recap


For those of you that do not know, New York Comic Con, which is the second largest comic convention in the United States, wrapped up October 8th. Beginning on Thursday the 5th, it was 4 full days of geekdom, pop culture, utter madness. Let me say it again, UTTER MADNESS. The actual number of fans hasn’t been released that I could find, but last year it was at over 180,000 and it seems to be growing with each year. In my experience, Thursdays are usually a pretty good day to get your shopping done and really see what is there. NOT THE CASE AT NEW YORK COMIC CON. There didn’t really seem to be a single day that had ever a shred of down time, anywhere within the show. Before New York Comic Con, the largest convention I had been to was Chicago’s C2E2, which was both wonderful and overwhelming but didn’t remotely prepare me for the chaos I was to experience in New York.


I definitely think you have to put yourself in the right head space for New York Comic Con and do a LOT of planning before your trip. I stayed in Jersey City, as it was much less expensive than staying in the city, but that said, the transit and bus system wasn’t necessarily convenient. It did work, in a pinch, but I would absolutely recommend spending that extra money and getting something in the City. I had planned out some celebrity meet and greets and autograph opportunities before I had arrived in New York, but I do wish I had planned out panels and signings more. The convention center is HUGE, I definitely would recommend getting a map of the place in advance and really charting your course over the weekend. I am not a huge planner when I travel or vacation and usually just tend to do things in the spur of the moment; I do think that was detrimental to my trip. Thursday I was able to meet Ryan Hurst from Sons of Anarchy and Bates Motel as well as Ricky Whittle from American Gods, both who were absolutely wonderful and engaging to their fans.

I had intended to cosplay Friday-Sunday at the convention, but actually only ended up cosplaying on Friday Trying to travel by bus while in costume was pretty intense, so I chose to debut my Hippolyta Friday. I am extremely happy with how the costume turned out and can’t wait to get additional photos back from the photoshoot I had scheduled there! There were a lot of Wonder Woman cosplayers on the floor so it was super cool running into many of my “daughters” throughout the day.

I think one of my absolute favorite things about the convention was artist alley. There were so many incredible and talented writers and artists that I had the pleasure of interacting with over the weekend. It was packed in artist alley all weekend long, which, though overwhelming to try and get close enough to view everything, it made me so happy. I love seeing people checking out the work of people they might not necessarily have heard of before this convention. I actually had the privilege of meeting one of my favorite artists, Sara Richards, at this show and purchasing a beautiful print of the Marvel character Hela as well as finally picking up a couple of prints I had been eyeing all year from Sasha Yosselani!


New York is an incredible city. It’s a bit dirty, it’s a bit smelly, but seeing that city light up the sky at night is truly awe inspiring. I am happy to say that I was able to enjoy the New York City night life a couple of times throughout the weekend, as well as doing a little bit of exploring for myself on Sunday after the convention. I have never really had the chance to truly experience New York City and all it had to offer, so being able to do that on this trip was amazing!

New York Comic Con was definitely an unforgettable comic con for me and I am really happy that I had the opportunity to be able to finally check out what all the fuss is about. That being said, as a girl who tends to have some anxiety when it comes to large crowds, I think that I will always prefer a smaller or mid sized convention scene. If you haven’t had a chance to check out NYCC, I definitely would recommend going just for the experience, because there really is something truly special about the show. Plan well in advance and have a very strict daily schedule though, or you may miss out seeing things that you wish you had been able to see!



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