Long Beach Comic Expo 2018


Long Beach Comic Expo is one of the smaller comic conventions in Southern California, but its still got some muscle. LBCE 2018 moved to a different part of the Long Beach Convention Center this year, but it was still as fantastic as the previous years. Honestly, a convention by the beach that’s full of amazing art prints, vendors, and cosplayers, what else could you ask for? Some of the money back I spent on more pop figures (just kidding, I love them!).

Long Beach Comic Expo 2018 | Photo by: Katie P

One of the coolest things about this convention is that as you walk towards the entrance of the con there are always these incredible cars that people have spent so much time on. I especially love all the Jurassic Park jeeps!

The cosplayer’s once again were on point with incredible cosplays and a willingness to pose for a million photos. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time when it comes to mass meet-ups of cosplayers. Every year all the Marvel cosplayers take over a set of stairs somewhere close to the convention center and pose for some of the most incredible photos.

With the change of location, I wandered around hoping to stumble across them and boy oh boy was I lucky.

As EVERYONE should know, the latest MCU film was released over the weekend and it was sensational. Marvel’s Black Panther shattered box office records and got everyone shouting WAKANDA FOREVER.

Which means I was on the lookout of every single person cosplaying as any character from Black Panther and I was not disappointed at all.

Not only were there several Black Panther cosplays, but there was also the most amazing Shuri cosplay. She looked incredible and I was so blown away by the detail.


Meet-ups are always the best, but I will say you might be required to fight for the optimal position to get the best pictures, that is why it’s great to just “ambush” someone with a CAN I TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU. I’m just kidding I don’t yell at people. I do, however, kindly ask people to if I can take their picture when I see a cosplay that is beyond awesome.

A New Movie Coming Out Soon

As I was wandering around the convention I stumbled upon David Tennant…… Just kidding. I wish I had. What I actually found was the booth for his new movie Bad Samaritan that is coming to theaters in April, I believe. This movie looks amazing. David Tennant has been doing an incredible job of portraying the bad guy these days. I mean Kilgrave in Jessica Jones and now this guy, he is quite the versatile actor.

This movie looks frightening and I can’t wait to see it. David Tennant will always be one of our most beloved Doctor’s, but sometimes you just gotta be the villain. At least this time he isn’t using his Doctor voice.

Be sure to catch Bad Samaritan in theaters on April 27, 2018.

The End

I would like to thank all of the cosplayers above for allowing me to take their photograph. If anyone would like a copy of the above photos please email me, the photographer at katharinepenix@gmail.com or reach out to Dumbbells and Dragons.

Lastly, I would like to thank Long Beach Comic Expo for allowing us to attend their event. See you next time!


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