GAME Plan: Planning to be Happy.


GAME PlanHey, Dragons! I recently stumbled upon a podcast that I have to share. It’s called Happier with Gretchen Rubin. In each episode, Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth talk about daily tips and tricks that you can do to make your life happier. They also explore different personality traits that affect the way people react to things, form positive and negative habits, and interact with the world and the people around them. Each episode is about 20 to 30 minutes long and I find them to be little digestible nuggets of positivity during the day.

The reason why I’m bringing up the Happiness podcast is because it’s reminded me of several problems that I keep running into in my fitness and health goals. In many ways, the fact that it promotes acting towards a goal and building up positive habits is inspiring me to make changes to my plans in the hope of making them more effective. I’ve taken 3 things away from the podcast so far.

1.) Know yourself.

One of my favorite things about Happiness is how she breaks people down into categories. No one fits perfectly into every category, but I can recognize trends in my life in the descriptions she gives for a given category. Fitting into a given category makes me feel like I’m not alone. If I do things one way, and everyone around me does things differently, it’s easy to feel like I’m doing things the wring way. Knowing I’m not wrong, and that other people process information or react to things the same way I do is incredibly helpful.

Once I figure out what category I trend towards, I then feel more equipped to deal with people who see or do things in other ways. Not only do I have a better idea of how I work, but I also have a better idea of how THEY work. Having a stronger idea of how people interact with themselves and with others helps me better navigate what I need to do to accomplish my goals.

2.) Look at your goals and the obstacles to them.

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving my fitness goals is establishing and sticking to them. There tends to be this tiny voice of self-doubt that says my goals aren’t realistic or that I’ll never be able to accomplish them. I know I have to work hard to achieve my goals, but sometimes I don’t give myself permission to. I’ve recently started to look at what I want to do and it’s forced me to think about what is causing me to struggle.

The podcast covers what they call “stumbling blocks.” Stumbling blocks are the things that get in the way of us accomplishing our goals. Especially when looking at the goals I want to achieve, I need to start planning around the pitfalls that frequently prevent my success. I know what’s going to trip me up, so it’s important that I plan around those things.

3.) Make a plan

Finally, I need to actually make a plan for success. I’ve made plans before, but often I’m working my plan around other people’s needs and expectations. I don’t give myself permission to put my needs and expectations first. So, moving forward, I’m going to start letting go of the things I do out of obligation because they are preventing me from being happy. Letting go of things I feel I’m supposed to do, so I can do the things I need to do for me is going to be the next important step to my success.

I’m also aware that I don’t live in a vacuum. I have a husband, I have a job, I do have responsibilities. One of the hardest things for me to do is differentiate between responsibilities and self-imposed obligations. Yes, I have to go to work everyday, but I don’t have to stay late. Not only will leaving earlier allow me to get home at a reasonable time, but it will also allow me to feel more refreshed on those few occasions where a school play or dance requires me to stay late.

One of my stumbling blocks with fitness is working around my husband’s expectations of our time together. We’ve tried working on fitness goals together, but the fact is that his goals are completely different than my goals and we completely approach fitness with a different mindset. So the plan may be that we workout separately, but to make up for that loss of time together, we can add time together in other ways. If we can both enjoy what we’re doing and we aren’t just compromising away our enjoyment of one another, the time is going to mean a lot more to both of us.

It’s important to look at what we want to accomplish and decide what it’s going to take to make our dreams become a reality. Recognizing how we approach problems, what those problems are, and the best way to work around them is vital to succeeding in anything we want to do.

What are your goals for this week? Let me know! If you want to follow me on a more regular basis, if you need someone to be accountable to, or if you want to share your own journey, you can reply to this post or you can follow me on twitter @EpicGrays. Until next time, remember to #WorkOutNerdOut!


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