GAME Plan: Here comes the summer.

Hey, Dragons! As the summer approaches and my schedule begins to shift from busy, end of the school year activities to a more social/travel focused break, I’m starting to plan how my fitness and nutrition needs will change because of it. The biggest change to my schedule is the loss of a 3-hour daily commute, which leaves a lot more time for exercise and food prep.
One of the things that can get easier over the summer for me is diet. I’m at home more so I get more opportunities to cook and I have more control over what I’m eating. So I’m looking into possible diets for June to kick-start me into better eating habits. There are a lot of studies out there that talk about how diets that result in quick weight loss often lead to gaining more weight later, and I definitely know that’s a problem. At the same time, I know I need some visible early results so that I don’t get frustrated. So, I’m looking into diets that show quicker results early on, but focus on changing the way I look at food and will steer me to more long-term changes to my eating habits.
The first diet I’m looking into is the Whole 30 program. Whole 30 removes a lot of foods from your diet that can cause problems (common allergens or may have known, negative health effects). After 30 days of removing these foods from your system, you can gradually re-introduce them to see how the individual food types affect your weight, your energy levels, and your overall health. I’ve had several colleagues try this and they have had very good results. My biggest concern with this program is that it’s very restrictive and isn’t the easiest program to maintain over a long period of time.
Another type of diet I’m looking into is a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic diets are high fat, medium protein, very low carb diets focused on getting your body to enter a state of ketosis to burn fat instead of carbs for energy. There are a lot of other health benefits from a ketogenic diet, but I’m still doing research to understand the pros and cons before I decide if it’s the route I want to go.
Either way, I definitely need a jump start. I’ll be looking into a few more options, but these are the ones I’m focusing on.
Turning to fitness.
I’m happy to say that even though I continue to struggle with my diet, I’m doing well with my fitness. I walk the dog every morning before leaving for work, I walk to lunch most days, and I’m still going to my personal trainer once a week, adding additional workouts when I can. I’m looking forward to the summer, however, because it not only comes with more time to workout and fit in some more classes with the trainer, but it will provide me with more workout options.
One of the things I’m most looking forward to is getting back into the pool and doing more SpeedoFit. As I’ve mentioned before, SpeedoFit is a program that uses the swimming pool to do resistance training. My husband and I discovered SpeedoFit in October of last year, just as the weather was cooling off to the point that we couldn’t workout in the pool anymore. Now that we’re aware of it, we can start over the next week or 2 and do it the entire summer. One of the problems with living in Palm Springs is the extreme heat makes work outs outside (like walking and bike riding) a real challenge. Since SpeedoFit takes place in the pool, all we need is some strong sunscreen and we’re good to go!
I’m also going to start working with my trainer to figure out a plan for when we aren’t going into the gym. Walking is great, and exercising in the pool will be fun, but I want to start doing some weight training at home. I’ll have the time, so I want to take advantage of it. It will also give me options while we’re traveling on vacation over the summer. Finding a few basic workout routines that I can take anywhere will help me keep up with my summer goals.
What are your goals for this week? Let me know! If you want to follow me on a more regular basis, if you need someone to be accountable to, or if you want to share your own journey, you can reply to this post or you can follow me on twitter @EpicGrays. Until next time, remember to #WorkOutNerdOut!

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