GAME Plan: Finding the right motivation.


GAME PlanHey, Dragons! Have you ever gotten excited about something to the point that you are willing to make major life changes to incorporate it into your life? That’s what happened to me this past week. I’ve never been into cosplay. I thought it might be fun, but as an eternal introvert, the idea and doing something that would put you on display for others to look at freaked me out. Plus, I’m not a small guy, so trying to find a character that would fit my body type always made me feel like cosplay was something that I would always admire, but never ptake part in.

Well, as part of my quest to be a better geek, I’ve spent some time researching cosplay, and there are a some really good YouTube videos and articles about how people shouldn’t limit their cosplay to characters that are the same shape or size as they are. There are so many positive people out there, encouraging everyone to cosplay, regardless of their race, gender, or body shape.

So, for fun, I started to design a cosplay that I think I would have fun wearing. I have no intention of shaving my beard, but all the videos I was watching encouraged me to make the character my own, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t know how to sew, and getting too crafty with my first cosplay might not be the best way to get started, so I needed something I could piece together with relative ease. After picking out each piece I thought would work the best for my outfit, I realized I was VERY excited about putting together a costume that was fun, unique, and personal. Unfortunately, I won’t fit in most of the clothing I’ve picked out.


The idea of being able to show off my cosplay design has reinvigorated my motivation to lose weight and get back in shape. Before I go any further, I have to state that I DO think anyone of any shape, size, or color should be able to cosplay whatever they want. My determination to change my body for this cosplay is because I want it to look a certain way. (I’m not going to be able to show off belt details with my current belly.) So, I’m not saying that anyone should change their bodies to cosplay their favorite characters.

What I am saying, is that I think I’ve found something to make me excited about my fitness goals. Even more importantly, I now have a more concrete goal. Up until now, I feel like my goals have been a random number on a scale, set for an indeterminate time somewhere in the future. Now, I have a specific goal for a specific time. I need to fit into my cosplay for WonderCon in March of 2017. It’s a challenging goal, with a set deadline, which is exactly what I’ve been missing up to this point.

So, what am I going to do to achieve these goals? Well, this weekend I’m going to start a new workout routine. I’m looking to do bodyweight exercises each day, and have picked out a program I think might work for me. The exercises don’t require any equipment and so I should be able to do them no matter what my schedule throws at me over the next few months. It will be intense, but the fact of the matter is, I’m only giving myself about 6 months to get into shape for this, so I need to kick up my game a whole lot. I have no doubt that it’s going to kick my butt, but if I want this badly enough, I need to work for it.

I will also be going back to my low-carb diet. My kitchen remodel is still not done, but it’s starting to have enough functionality that I should be able to start cooking more at home which will help my eating habits. I’m also starting school again in 2 weeks, which means I’ll be working with a set routine again. I have found that I stick to my diet the most when I’m able to keep a consistent routine.

So, what is this cosplay I’m so excited about? Well, I’m not quite ready to reveal my masterpiece yet. In fact, I have a LOT of work to do before then, but I may start releasing a hint or two with each article, so be sure to keep reading. I think we may be getting back on track after some struggles this summer.

What are your goals for this week? Let me know! If you want to follow me on a more regular basis, if you need someone to be accountable to, or if you want to share your own journey, you can reply to this post or you can follow me on twitter @EpicGrays. Until next time, remember to #WorkOutNerdOut!


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