GAME Plan: Destiny Donuts and Disneyland.


GAME PlanFriday morning I woke up at 5 a.m. and started getting ready for my usual 90 minute commute into work. I really wanted a donut. It was Friday, it felt like a nice way to start off the weekend, and I’ve had a lot of stress lately. So, I totally deserve a donut, right? Well, I hadn’t been great with my diet, and I had a weigh-in coming up, so I made the responsible decision and didn’t stop for a donut.

Skip ahead to 9:30. My Drama class is coming in and getting settled. In walks my stage manager with a box of donuts. She walks right up to me, opens up the lid, and with an angelic choir scoring the moment, a beam of celestial light twinkled down to rest on a chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Sprinkles, people! Sprinkles!

I would love to write about my victory in resisting the donut. But, alas…that thing was gone before class started. Obviously, I was destined to have a donut Friday morning. It was destiny, and completely out of my control. Except, it wasn’t.

Even moderation needs to be in moderation

If you’re like me, it’s easy to justify cheating. There’s always a reason why I deserve to have that extra helping of food. I’m just going to have one piece of candy; one won’t be so bad. It would be rude not to try the secretary’s birthday cake! But, deep down, I know I’m not making the best choice.

I lost .6 lbs. this week. I’m not proud of that number. The only thing that kept it from being a gain was a 2-day trip to Disneyland. Even though I would never categorize Disneyland as “the healthiest place on Earth,” the park let me clock in over 36,000 steps over a 2-day period. When it came to eating, I was as good as a person can be at Disneyland when it came to food choices. I knew I didn’t meet my goals this week, and I was not rewarding myself for that. So, there were no churros, no Dole whips, and no chocolate covered bananas. I tried to stick to salads or high protein and vegetable dishes. When one of the salads actually came in a bread bowl (which I had not realized when I ordered it), I ate the salad and tossed the bowl.

At some point, even moderation has to come in moderation. If moderation is becoming a enabler, than I have to find different ways to balance. Does this mean it’s time to go hardcore diet and exercise? No, because I know that’s not maintainable right now. But, It does mean that I need to up the effort level a bit, because I can’t repeat the last two weeks.

Plugging this week into the GAME Plan, this is how I fared:

Gradual Changes

My goal for these last two weeks was to plan snacks. Well, that doesn’t help when you eat ALL the snacks in a 2-day period. So I need to re-evaluate how the whole snack thing is going to work.

My walking also wasn’t great, but that wasn’t because of laziness or lack of desire…I just couldn’t get out of lunch meetings and other obligations in time to get the walking in. I need to start making it clear to people that my lunches are my time and they need to respect that.

My goals for the next two weeks:

Nutrition Goal: Drink more water.

In addition to re-visiting the snack goal, I need to get more water into my system. Water needs to be my go-to drink. Instead of having a diet soda or a cocktail, I need to have water. If I really want something else to drink, I need to have the water first and then re-evaluate.

Fitness: Add a workout to the weekend.

While my walking wasn’t great these last two weeks, I’m still getting several days a week in, so it’s time to add something new. I noticed a lot of really hot guys walking around Disneyland. They were taking the whole, “sun’s out, guns out” thing seriously. I have to admit, it was a good motivator. I actually enjoy weight training, but it’s not something I have a lot of time to do consistently. That’s not a good enough excuse. So, I’m planning on adding 1 workout to my week. I’ll be starting slow, but at least it’s starting.


Accountability hit me hard this week. As my weigh-in came closer, I knew I was going to have to write this article and admit to slacking off. Knowing I was probably going to have to report a gain is what finally kicked my butt into gear, so for that, I thank you!

The friends I went to Disneyland with were also a great motivator. They are normally healthy in their choices of food and activity, and Disneyland provided a few cheat days for them. They were supportive when I explained that I was “being good” during our trip, and when they saw that I had made a good choice, they acknowledged it. It’s surprising how much power positive feedback can have when you’re doing something that’s hard and unpleasant.


Moderation was not my friend this week. Cracking down on what I ate, even for 2 days, was enough to get me motivated to push forward. While I don’t encourage people to go straight from poor eating habits one day, to strict diet the next, it’s okay to crack down on your problem areas…especially if it’s for a pre-determined amount of time.


I want to look like all those hot guys I saw at Disneyland. As I said earlier, I enjoy working out, especially with weights. I just don’t always allow myself the time to do it. There are often things that seem like they should be more important. Well, my health is important, and so is my self-confidence (both of which will improve by adding some weight training to my week).  So it’s time to dust off the weights and weight bench and start setting aside some time for myself. Giving myself permission to take care of me is something I can definitely get enthusiastic about.

While my last 2 weeks have been rough, they were a wake-up call. It’s easy to dwell on the failures, but I can choose to let that de-motivate me, or I can choose to use it to inspire change. I’m going to choose the latter.

What are your goals for this week? Let me know! If you want to follow me on a more regular basis, if you need someone to be accountable to, or if you want to share your own journey, you can reply to this post or you can follow me on twitter @EpicGrays. Until next time, remember to #WorkOutNerdOut!


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