GAME A Few Tips, Tricks, and Resources.

 Hey, Dragons! Like many of you, I browse the interwebs on a daily basis, and I know I will often run across articles and resources that I find interesting and want to go back to, but I never do. So I thought this week, it might be a good idea to compile a list of some of my favorite tips and resources that I’ve talked about over the last year or so.
1. Walk to your food! By far, my favorite trick for adding some activity into my routine each week is to walk to my food. I’m lucky enough to have quite a few places I can walk to for lunch around my workplace and even a few close to home. Through all my successes and failures over the last year, this has been the thing I’ve had the most success keeping up with. If you don’t have places to eat close to where you live or work, try parking as far away from the front door of the restaurant or grocery store as you can. Those extra steps add up!
2. Mango is a great dessert! My newest go-to, after dinner snack has become a cup of frozen mango chunks. You can buy them at most grocery stores and they last a long time. The great thing about frozen mango is that it satisfies my ice cream cravings. It has a strong, sweet flavor that satisfies my sweet tooth and it has a surprisingly creamy texture. It still has calories and sugar, but it’s all natural and better for you than a tub of Chunky Monkey.
3. Find exercise that excites you! I’ve tried a lot of workouts over the past year and even more over the course of my lifetime. Right now, working out with my trainer and focusing on TXR training is by far my favorite, but I also really enjoyed Speedo Fit when the weather was warmer. Speedo Fit is resistance training in a swimming pool. It’s been a little too cold for that lately, but when the weather warms up again, this is definitely going back into my routine.
4. Food prep is the key to success! Just because I haven’t been great about doing this lately, doesn’t mean it’s not effective. One of the best ways to control what you eat is to take the decision making out of it. And the best way to do that is to plan your meals ahead of time. There are a lot of sites out there that give great ideas and recipes for food prep, but my favorite is still the Fit Couple Cooks. They’re fun, informative, and encouraging! Check them out!
5. Health is not just physical! It’s impossible to stay physically fit if your aren’t taking care of yourself mentally. Whether you try to focus on making your life happier (check out Happier with Gretchen Ruben for some tips and tricks), start meditating to help center yourself throughout the day (I use the Headspace App), or just need to catch up on sleep or say “no” to self imposed obligations, taking care of your needs is the only way to stay mentally fit enough to support others.
I hope these few quick reminders help kick start some of you who, like me, have fallen behind in one area of health or another. For me, diet continues to be a sticking point, so I’m making a commitment to myself right here that the next 2 weeks I’m going to focus on food. My in-laws are in town for the next month which means there will be some good meals coming my way, (my mother-in-law is a great influence in the food department) so hopefully my next post will be all about getting my diet under control.
What are your goals for this week? Let me know! If you want to follow me on a more regular basis, if you need someone to be accountable to, or if you want to share your own journey, you can reply to this post or you can follow me on twitter @EpicGrays. Until next time, remember to #WorkOutNerdOut!

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