Ep 23 – Lou Ferrigno Jr, The Tahoe Show, & Chris Minnes Returns


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Just some of the sights of beautiful Lake Tahoe

Just some of the sights of beautiful Lake Tahoe

Hey there Dragons, this week we welcome back bodybuilding competition promoter, Chris Minnes. He brought a friend, Lou Ferrigno Jr. These guys were an absolute blast to hang out with. Chatting bodybuilding, marvel, comic books, pizza, and more with these two was a great time. I hope you all make it out to the Tahoe Show, August 27 at the Montbleu Hotel and Casino. #WorkOutNerdOut

www.tahoeshow.com, www.facebook.com/tahoeshow #tahoeshow @tahoeshow @MRphotographycom #MRphotographycom

Lou Ferrigno Jr

Dumbbells and Dragons Show Notes 08/10/2016

Lou Ferrigno Jr & Chris Minnes, recorded on 08/08/2016





Favorite mantra or motto:

    1. There is great risk in putting your fate in someone else’s hands.
    2. If you dont use it, you lose it.
Lou Jr as "Super Sammy"

Lou Jr as “Super Sammy”

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