Ep 049 – BJ Keeton, Author & Podcaster


Dragons, I love the Geek to Geek Podcast. It introduced me to Beej and Void. Two awesome nerds who I reached out to on twitter. We have quickly become fast friends. Beej lost over 100 lbs in his fitness odyssey. In this episode we talk about comics, gaming, Spiderman, mental health, buddhism and much much more. Check it out!

Also, in the opener I do a shout out for LA Cookie Con, the West Coast’s biggest and best baking and cooking convention! I had such a blast last year, and I met Sarah Michelle Gellar! This year, Burt Ward, aka Robin the Boy Wonder, will be in attendance. Get tickets here: http://lacookiecon.com/

Recorded 02/04/2017, Posted 02/08/2017


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As always, thank you to Assorted Intricacies for our theme song, Roll A D6, and you can find links to their music here.


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