Ep 022 – Kat Simonovic, Olympian/Badass


SimonovicSidearmAs everyone prepares for the Olympics kickoff this weekend, I got to sit down with Kat Simonovic, who is swimming for Serbia in the 200 and 400 freestyle. She was such a magnificent person with which to chat. We got in contact because she is currently attending Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University, my alma mater. And of course we had to chat about Pokemon GO! Tune in to her races on August 7th and 8th! Fork ‘Em, Kat!

Also, come check out my panel w/ Geektitude, Wekk, and Average Geek Show at Nerd Con! Sunday August 28th. The panel is only available for VIPs with early admission, but dont worry, we have made sure to bring so much schwag that you will probably be leaving with something! So get on that VIP!

Kat Simonovic, Olympic Swimmer, All-Around Badass

Recorded on 07/26/2016, posted 08/03/2016


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